Beer Sommeliers

1 Expert On Beer & Ingredients

A beer sommelier knows beer in all its depth. Especially the water minerality, the malting of cereals, internationally grown hop varieties and also barrel aging has effects on the taste of beer. He is able to describe accurately the characteristics of ingredients and how they harmonize inside the beer styles.

2 Brewing & Fermentation Skills

Essential for a professional beer sommelier is an understanding of where the taste is produced within the brewing process and how fermentation and barrel maturation gives the beer style the perfect finish. The knowledge of a brewery from the inside enables the beer sommelier to handle the tapped or bottled beer appropriately and to suggest suitable dishes.

3 Superior Sensory & Beer Language

The sommelier knows the physiology of the senses and trains his senses to recognize aromas that are significant for the quality and description of the beer. He can use a sophisticated language to describe beers and aromas and make a contribution to a perfect beer menu.

4 Beer Style & History

The partly centuries-old tradition of different brewery regions characterizes many beer styles. The beer sommelier can blindly classify their characteristics and tell their story in order to make beer of every taste an exciting experience.

5 Beer Tap & Presentation

The beer sommelier has a technical and practical understanding of various dispensing systems and knows how to tap a beer quickly, hygienically and beautifully. He knows the right glasses and presents the beer in the gastronomy to your liking.

6 Beer & Food & Trends

The collected knowledge from sensory and beer knowledge enables the sommelier to recommend suitable dishes to the beer and thus to harmonize or even increase the taste experience. He also knows the current trends in the market and contributes to the innovative capacity of the gastronomy.


Beer Sommelier is a three module training, each three consecutive days of training. The modules stand on their own and are booked separately. For each module you will receive a certificate from the DOEMENS Academy.  Only all modules together qualify for the “Diplom Biersommelier”.

Doemens Brewing Expert - Module 1



1.050,00 ex moms / VAT

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Doemens Certified Sensorist - Module 2



1.050,00 ex moms / VAT

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Doemens Sommelier in Practise - Module 3



1.050,00 ex moms / VAT

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Beer Sommelier Training In A Nutshell

75 hours English-language teaching with international trainers with profound internships and hundreds of beers makes you a Diplom Biersommelier, a member of a world leading beer expert community.

Three Modules For a Beer Sommelier – Our Training Plan

Three modules for a beer sommelier.
Certified Brewing Expert,
Certified Sensorist,
Certified Beer Sommelier in Practise.

Exams and certificates

The certificate of the Doemens Biersommelier, delivered by Doemens with international recognition, will be given to the approved student.

Module 1: Doemens Brewing Expert

In-depth knowledge about brewing raw materials and their flavor, brewing process and fermentation and intensive brewery internship.

Module 2: Doemens Certified Sensorist

Module 2 makes the professional sensorist for flavors, off-flavors and international beer styles.

Module 3: Doemens Sommelier in Practise

In module 3 beer sommelier gains profound knowledge about beer dispensing equipment, the perfect pour, presentation skills, glass ware, cooking with beer, menu writing, hygiene, barrel aging, beer trends

Ideal location for training.

Wine Mechanics is a cozy and professional sommelier location next to Spike Brewery in Gamlestad, Gothenburg.


The World Championship of Beer Sommeliers is organized every two years by the Doemens Academy. The best of the 5000 trained beer sommeliers of the world compete in a three-round contest.

Together Worldwide – Our Association of Certified Beer Sommeliers

Since 2004 more than 5 000 Biersommeliers have been educated in 18 countries on four continents in 8 different languages.


Doemens founded the “Institute of Masters of Beer (IMB)”, in which a professional training programme was developed which was initially launched in German-speaking countries but will in future also be offered worldwide in various languages.

Training At Highest International Level

BrewCraft® Academy from Hamburg and Doemens Savour Academy from Munich are offering in collaboration the world wide unique and internationally well-esteemed proprietary Diplom Biersommelier.

High-class trainers from Germany

Professional trainers from Doemens Savor Academy, Munich and BrewCraft Academy, Hamburg with superior background in brewing technology and beer sommelier practice coming for your to Scandinavia.

World leading expertise

Beer and brewing has a long history in Germany, which has spread all over the planet. With the beer sommelier education we want to support the international beer culture.

Reputable Patronage By Brewers Associations

The training is carried out under the Patronage of Association of Private Breweries in Germany e.V. Bavarian Brewers' Association e.V. Association of Austrian Breweries Swiss Brewery Association More to come...

BrewCraft is education, consulting and ingredients procurement

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