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About BrewCraft®

BrewCraft, that’s Brian Schlede. He has many years of experience as a management consultant in Hamburg, the Middle East and most recently in a leading speciality malting plant. During this time he got to know the malt qualities and production in detail, accompanied the purchase of malting barley and introduced product-specific cost accounting. For malt customers worldwide he was in charge of the procurement of hops, yeast and auxiliary materials and at the same time was in charge of a publicly funded malt research project lasting several years. He enjoyed the creative development of the beer market and the open-mindedness of the brewers, which led to the creation of #BestBrewChallenge, the world’s largest simultaneous community brew. The annual worldwide brewer brings together brewers to brew beers around a malt theme at the same time. Most recently, 227 brewers from 22 countries participated.

In 2016 he established himself as an independent brewery supplier in his native Hamburg and also specialised in the import of hops from the USA. He supplies customers in Germany as well as his sales partners throughout Europe. As a beer sommelier, he has set himself the task of researching the change in beer aroma in terms of the raw material and the processing process in the brewhouse and during fermentation. He likes to share this knowledge with the brewers in order to produce even better beers. With the BrewCraft Academy he trains beer sommeliers in Scandinavia in partnership with the Doemens Genussakademie.