Exams and certificates

Mastery of the training content is determined via written as well as several hands-on assessments.
These must be completed independently of each another.

The following tests will be examined during the three modules:

  • Practical tasting on blind detection of international beer styles;
  • Practical tasting off-flavors,
  • Written exam;
  • Service exam as beer sommelier presentation including beer tapping, sensory description and story telling;
  • Homework of developing a beer menu;
  • Group work of developing a beer event;
  • Group work of a diploma brew;
  • Group work as beer cook.

The certificate of the Doemens Biersommelier, delivered by Doemens with international recognition, will be given to the approved student and is admission to The Institute of Masters of Beer.

Our Beer Somelier Training Plan

High-class international trainers

Training location, Gothenburg