Beer Sommelier Training In A Nutshell

The sommelier …

… was originally the taster at the royal court and had the task of checking the quality of food and drinks.

Well, that’s still him today. A consultant for the guest and for the restaurateur. 

The beer sommelier provides information about the beer production process, the right choice of beer for the chosen dish, explains the positive health effects of moderate beer consumption and teaches the consumer in beer seminars and tastings to focus his senses on the pleasurable consumption of beer. He is also responsible for the quality of the beer served and for the perfect presentation of the beer to the guest. He creates the beer menu, advises the chef on beer dishes and organizes the beer purchase.

Through active beer marketing the beer sommelier increases the beer turnover.

The online survey shows that consumers who have a higher product knowledge, e.g. because they work in the beer industry, tend to be more willing to pay a higher price for the product than laymen: Beer professionals show the readiness to spend on average more for a bottle of beer.

master thesis survey

“Analysis of different sales and marketing strategies in the German craft beer market and practical implications”.

The training …
… to the beer sommelier (German: Biersommelier) is patent protected and world-wide singular.

Apart from the switching of beer knowledge practical courses, housework and comprehensive training documents enrich the course. The English-language training for Scandinavia takes place first time in Gothenburg and is based on three principles.

  • Highest quality
  • Passion
  • Uniqueness

The training comprises 75 teaching units. Courses are split in three modules, each held in three consecutive full day courses (equals 3×3 days for a beer sommelier diploma). A high proportion (30 %) of internships deepens the specialist knowledge. Extensive training material is available to support learning. About 100 different beers are tasted in the sensory training courses.

Successful graduates receive a certificate and a pin with the logo “Diplom-Biersommelier” as a visible sign of their qualification.

The graduates are then invited to join the Association of Diplom-Biersommeliers, which now has over 1000 members.

Our Beer Somelier Training Plan

High-class international trainers

Training location, Gothenburg