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Module 3: Doemens Sommelier in Practise

Beer dispensing system (5 TU lecture, 3 TU internship)
Educational content:

  • Cleaning of dispensing systems,
  • Technical gases for the dispensing of beverages,
  • Construction and operation of a dispensing system,
  • Industrial hygiene,
  • Glass Care

Educational goals:
The student should

  • become familiar with the components of a dispensing system,
  • learn how to handle the dispensing system,
  • learn the hygienic requirements of dispensing operations.

Beer & beer tapping (1 TU internship)
Educational content:

  • Description and implementation of the correct tapping process, taking into account legal, economic and qualitative aspects,
  • Assistance for the training of your own staff.

Educational goals:

  • Mastering the right tap technology,
  • Teaching the guest the importance of the open bar for beer culture.

Beer & Glass Culture (2 TU Lecture)
Educational content:

  • Correspondence beer style to the right glass,
  • Influence of glass size on drinking behavior,

Educational goals:
The student should

  • always be able to offer the guest the right glass for the beer and to explain the influences of the glass shape (foam, aroma chimney, recency etc.) on the enjoyment of beer.

Beer & beer cellar (1 TU internship)
Educational content:

  • Presentation of a beer cellar with vintage beer,
  • Tasting of vintage beers, comparative tasting of beers in different ageing stages.

Educational goals:

  • Learning the right storage conditions and suitable beer types for storage,
  • Recognition of positive aging flavor.

Beer & Food (2 TU Lecture, 1 TU Internship)
Educational content:

  • Mediation of the harmony between beer and spits. Test of different basic flavors with four fundamentally different types of beer,
  • Compliance with important rules for the composition of a multi-course beer culinarium (beer sequence).

Educational goals:
The student should

  • be able to complement a multi-course menu with the right beers, not only on the basis of recommendations, but also through a logical combination of harmonious aromas and profiles (alcohol content, turbidity, age, origin, etc.).

Beer & Cheese (1 TU internship)
Educational content:

  • Presentation of international cheeses,
  • Correspondence different beer styles to certain cheeses,
  • Corresponding tasting of cheese and beer.

Educational goals:
The student should

  • be able making beer recommendations for international cheeses,
  • explain the close traditional link between beer and cheese (raw materials, crafts, fermentation organisms, etc.).

Cooking with beer and its raw materials (3 TU internship)
Educational content:

  • Presentation of the possibilities of how beer raw materials and beer itself can be used sensibly in the kitchen,
  • Getting to know a wide variety of cooking scenarios that are important for taste success.

Educational goals:
The student should

  • be able cook the recipes provided,
  • Master the principles of the art of cooking with beer,
  • transmit fun and joy with beer.

Beer & trends and future perspectives (4 TU lecture, 4 TU housework)
Educational content:

  • Presentation of the theses of recognized market researchers, how the beer market could look in the future,
  • Presentation of creative/innovative beer (marketing) ideas,
  • Examples from the international marketing of beer.

Educational goals:
The student should

  • be fascinated by beer and ready for the further development of ideas,
  • be able to take up and convert ideas for its occupation,
  • be able to plan and implement beer events.

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