The top training course for beer sommeliers, beer experts and everyone who wants to become one!
The training as beer sommelier started by Doemens in 2004 has developed very successfully right from the start and has been expanded internationally in recent years. Meanwhile there are courses in 6 different languages (German, English, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish and Korean) and on 4 continents. More than 2,000 graduates already wear the coveted silver pin, with which they are recognised worldwide as certified beer sommeliers.

In the course of time, the desire for opportunities for further training and deepening into special fields has grown louder and louder among the trained beer sommeliers. In order to meet this wish, Doemens founded the “Institute of Masters of Beer (IMB)”, in which a professional training programme was developed which was initially launched in German-speaking countries but will in future also be offered worldwide in various languages.

The new training programme leaves various possibilities open to all those interested in beer. They can either attend individual seminars at different training centres, as desired, or dare to take part in the “complete training”, which includes a multi-faceted further training programme.

Our Beer Somelier Training Plan

High-class international trainers

Training location, Gothenburg