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Did you know that Germany stands for hundreds of years of beer history & development, characterized by innovations and expertise until today.

Some examples, which can be surprising to you.

  • The oldest still existing brewery is most likely the Weihenstephan brewery from 1040 and the oldest monastery brewery from 1050 is Kloster Weltenburg.
  • Hamburg has been the continental European center of brewing in the medieval times with 459 breweries in the 1450th, only having 20 000 inhabitants. They were also inventing the Hefeweizen, which is now very popular in Bavaria;
  • The city of Einbeck in Lower Saxony counts as the home of the Bockbier, exported to Bavaria and finally brewed by the Paulaner monks as Doppelbock;
  • Bavaria declaring 1516 the Reinheitsgebot only allowing water, barley and hops, but only being the first state declaring the allowed ingredients. Cities like Nuremberg (1303) or Hamburg had this centuries earlier;
  • Bavarian named Joseph Groll brewed 1842 the first Pilsener Style beer in Pilsen;
  • Gabriel Sedlmayr (Spaten-Brauerei), creating the Münchener Helles style and his friend Anton Dreher (Schwechater Brauerei), creating the Wiener Lager
  • Both breweries were operating the first refrigeration system from Carl von Linde;
  • Emigrants from Rhineland-Palatia like Eberhard Anheuser and Adolphus Busch bringing the Pilsener Style to USA;
  • Other Germans like Frederick Miller (born Friedrich Müller) or David Gottlob Yuengling  (born Jüngling) creating the largest breweries in the new world, lasting until today;
  • Also at the west coast were breweries of the first hour like Anchor Steam founded by German emigrants Otto Schinkel und Ernst F. Baruth.

Wissenschaftszentrum Weihenstephan
Chair of Brewing Science – Berlin Institute of Technology

Versuchs- und Lehranstalt für Brauerei
  • Leading education and science in brewing and beverage technology comes from Germany, e.g.
    • The technical universities in Berlin and
    • München-Weihenstephan, educating engineers in brewing science,
    • the VLB in Berlin as brewmaster and academic beverage technology school and center of research analytics.
    • the Doemens Academy from 1895 developing brewers, beverage technologists and brew masters under the umbrella of the World Brewing Academy and since 2004 beer sommeliers.

Since then more than four thousand Biersommeliers have been educated in 15 countries on four continents in 8 different languages. Now this expertise will be exported to Scandinavia bringing you a new perspective and delightful experience in beer.

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