Your Passion For Beer Has A Name – Beer Sommelier

World Cup Beer Sommeliers in Brazil 2015

We are beer enthusiasts who want to pass on their enthusiasm for good beer to the world.

Over 5000 sommeliers in 18 countries speak the same language. Beer.

For them it’s passion, and it’s a profession.

A Beer Sommelier (in German: Biersommelier) is

  • an holistic educated beer and brewing expert making beer a delightful experience,
  • an ambassador of beer, regaling the audience regarding flavor experience of beer, history of beer styles and other informative aspects,
  • expert in describing multiple international beer styles and their sensory detection,
  • trained to describe multiple beer flavors from various distinctive beer substances using his keen scent, which has been exercised for detection of positive and negative (off-)flavors,
  • having a broad knowledge about beer raw materials (water, hops, malt, yeast) and the brewing process including barrel aging,
  • responsible for a perfect pour and presentation of all kinds of beer, able to handle common kinds of beer dispensing equipment.
  • adviser to the chef and benefit to the gastronomy by ideally matching the beer with food and describing it appetite-stimulating for the beer and food menu.

Beer Sommelier training in a nutshell

Where do Beer Sommeliers work?

Highest international level training