Excellence in Education

Training At Highest International Level

BrewCraft® Academy from Hamburg and Doemens Savour Academy from Munich are offering in collaboration the world wide unique and internationally well-esteemed proprietary Diplom Biersommelier.

High-class trainers from Germany

Professional trainers from Doemens Savor Academy, Munich and BrewCraft Academy, Hamburg with superior background in brewing technology and beer sommelier practice coming for your to Scandinavia.

World leading expertise

Beer and brewing has a long history in Germany, which has spread all over the planet. With the beer sommelier education we want to support the international beer culture.

Reputable Patronage By Brewers Associations

The training is carried out under the Patronage of Association of Private Breweries in Germany e.V. Bavarian Brewers' Association e.V. Association of Austrian Breweries Swiss Brewery Association More to come...

BrewCraft is education, consulting and ingredients procurement

BrewCraft, that’s Brian Schlede.