Module 1: Doemens Brewing Expert

Technology of beer production (16 teaching units)
Educational content:

  • History of beer
  • Use of different raw materials in the brewery
  • Wort and beer production technology and techniques

Educational goals:
The student should

  • understand the influence of the raw materials used on the different types of beer and special beers.
  • understand the influence of the different brewing technologies on the different beer types and special beers.

Brewery visit (3 TU internship)
Educational content:

  • Visit and presentation of a commercial/craftsman brewery
  • Establishing contact with the producer and supplier of the beer

Educational goals:
The student should

  • get an idea of the effort and diligence of the brewers and to become aware of the value of beer.
  • can recognize and reconstruct the learned in the theory.

Beer brewing (10 TU practical course)
Educational content:

  • Independent, manual brewing of a creative beer on an experimental brewing plant. The theoretical knowledge is to be put into practice. The students create the recipe in group work, select the raw materials and control the brewing process according to the influencing factors of time, temperature, quantity and pressure. Like in a small company, they develop a marketing concept for their home-brewed beer (beer name, beer properties, price, drinking ritual, target group, etc.).
  • Getting to know mini-brewery pilot plants for use in schools, in gastronomy, at show brewing events etc.
  • During the internship, students also learn about the special features of a beer cellar when storing vintage beers.

Educational goals:
The student should

  • be able to explain the most important steps in beer production, including the raw materials, in simple terms,
  • produce beer on a training brewery,
  • explain and present the finished beer in front of a group (on the occasion of the beer sommelier diploma celebration);
  • be able to understand the processes in breweries,
  • know which factors have to be taken into account when building a beer cellar (suitability of the beers, storage conditions, etc.).

Our Beer Somelier Training Plan

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