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Doemens Academy, Gräfelfing
The Doemens Academy trains brewing and beverage technologists and master brewers from all over the world. The English-language training courses are bundled under the umbrella of the World Brewing Academy. Doemens is an international leader in beer sensors and dispensing technology.

Dr. Michael Zepf is a member of the management board at the Doemens Academy and is responsible for the Genussakademie with beer sommelier training. His focus is on the connections and interactions between brewing technology and sensor technology.

Julia Bär studied food technology and biotechnology at the Technical University of Munich. She is a proven sensory expert and supports the team of the Doemens Genussakademie in the sensory training of future master brewers and beer sommeliers.

Fabian Staudinger, master brewer and production technologist, is not only a Doemens graduate and beer sommelier, he also lives and loves beer in all its international facets. As a lecturer, he is primarily active in the fields of brewing technology, dispensing equipment and gastronomy.

Michael Eder, master brewer and production manager, is a lecturer and technical consultant at Doemens and the World Brewing Academy. He imparts his enormously practical expertise in the fields of brewing technology and beer serving in various training courses.

BrewCraft Academy in Hamburg is serving beer sommeliers and brewers from Northern Germany with in-depth education since 2016.

Full commitment to good beer in the far north. Brian Schlede was a management consultant in Hamburg and the alcohol-free Middle East for more than ten years. His last project led to a specialty malting plant and immediately to pure enthusiasm for the beer industry. Since then he has been interested in where the aroma in beer comes from and how the complex mixture of malt, hops and yeast influences the finished beer. He brings this knowledge under the BrewCraft brand as an independent raw material supplier and consultant for North German brewers and as a trainer for beer sommeliers.
His greatest wish is good beer all day long. That just doesn’t work with Double IPAs and Imperial Stouts. That’s why Brian has been working since 2016 on recipes and procedures for beers for the sake of seafarers and breakfast beer drinkers. In the north you can already buy some of his creations, which have already won medals. Especially, he wants to teach brewers how to brew alcohol-free beer that tastes better than the alternatives of large breweries.

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