Together Worldwide – Our Association of Certified Beer Sommeliers

The Association of Certified Beer Sommeliers was founded in 2005 and is based in Austria. Although it is still a fledgling organization, with over 1 500 members, it already commands a very strong presence. To date, more than 4 000 beer sommeliers around the world have been trained by instructors at the Doemens Academy in Gräfelfing/Germany and the Kiesbye Academy near Salzburg/Austria or at other licensed teaching sites.

Members all share a common goal, namely to promote the image of beer culture around the world and to bring the vocation of the beer sommelier into the public eye.

The organization is led by the five members of the board of directors, who are voted into office during regularly scheduled elections held at the general assembly. The website is designed to serve as a central information tool, featuring a beer sommelier search function for consumers, companies, the media and partners. In addition to the website, the organization offers members the opportunity to stay informed by attending general assemblies and regional meetings. At these gatherings, members can share their experiences with one another while also participating in continuing education programs, in order to keep their knowledge up-to-date.

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