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Becoming a Beer Sommelier

Beer Sommelier Training In A Nutshell

75 hours English-language teaching with international trainers with profound internships and hundreds of beers makes you a Diplom Biersommelier, a member of a world leading beer expert community.

Three Modules For a Beer Sommelier – Our Training Plan

Three modules for a beer sommelier.
Certified Brewing Expert,
Certified Sensorist,
Certified Beer Sommelier in Practise.

Exams and certificates

The certificate of the Doemens Biersommelier, delivered by Doemens with international recognition, will be given to the approved student.

Module 1: Doemens Brewing Expert

In-depth knowledge about brewing raw materials and their flavor, brewing process and fermentation and intensive brewery internship.

Module 2: Doemens Certified Sensorist

Module 2 makes the professional sensorist for flavors, off-flavors and international beer styles.

Module 3: Doemens Sommelier in Practise

In module 3 beer sommelier gains profound knowledge about beer dispensing equipment, the perfect pour, presentation skills, glass ware, cooking with beer, menu writing, hygiene, barrel aging, beer trends

Ideal location for training.

Wine Mechanics is a cozy and professional sommelier location next to Spike Brewery in Gamlestad, Gothenburg.