Ideal location for training.

  • Wine Mechanics is a young wine producer and restaurant with its own sommeliers;
  • Several local breweries purchase from Wine Mechanics the barrels for storage Belgium Style and make collaborations with beer-wine hybrids;
  • Centrally located, two tram stations from the main station;
  • Historical. Brick complex with various businesses on the former slaughterhouse site;
  • The seminar room is on the first floor with floor-to-ceiling windows and a view of wooden barrels and fermentation/storage tanks and separate toilets to the restaurant;
  • Direct neighbourhood to the Spike Brewery;
  • The Spike Brewery, a 20hl brewery, is located in the immediate vicinity of Wine Mechanics;
  • Spike enjoys a great reputation in the scene of Western Sweden, as high quality and sometimes very interesting beers are brewed;
  • Inside the taproom we will make our training brew, not far from the large brewhouse.
  • Parallel to the diploma brew, we are granted insights into everyday brewery life on the large facility.

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