Three Modules For a Beer Sommelier – Our Training Plan

Inspiring skills and competencies you’ll acquire in the course

  • Superior knowledge of raw materials and the process of brewing, fermentation and their effect on the final product.
  • Development of a keen scent for detection of positive and negative flavors,
  • Deliberateness in directing the client to wise consumption of beer in order to add value to the beer and avoid personal damage and harm to society.
  • Perfect presentation of taste characteristics of various beer styles, including barrel aging and vintage beers, to assist the customer in choosing beer.
  • Proper storage and handling of different beer styles to preserve the beer quality and avoid any off-flavors, including mastering all beer dispensing equipment and glass ware.
  • A gastronomic match between different beer styles and food (cheese, chocolate, Cuisine Art), with reference to harmony between them and individual preferences.
  • Create beer menus for pubs and restaurants with consideration of variety and pairing to the food menu of the place.

Beer Sommelier is a three module training, each three consecutive days of training. The modules stand on their own and are booked separately. For each module you will receive a certificate from the DOEMENS Academy.  Only all modules together qualify for the “Diplom Biersommelier”.

Here you can find the detailed Lesson plans

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Beer Sommelier Exams & Certificate

Training location, Gothenburg