Where do beer sommeliers work?

The beer sommelier course aims the breweries, beer gastronomy, experts in beer trading, sales and marketing, hotel-, tourism-, and gastronomy schools, or just beer enthusiasts with demand for higher beer and brewing knowledge.

  • Hospitality: bars, restaurants and hotels (logistics, communication and service),
  • Breweries (R&D, production, logistics, communication and commercialization),
  • Markets, beer distribution and import companies (logistics, communication and commercialization),
  • Event agency (logistics, communication and service),
  • Specialized media (newspapers, magazines, blogs, web, radio, television).
  • Beer enthusiasts.

Examples for beer sommeliers at work.

Brew Master & Beer Sommelier
Brewery Tastings with Beer Sommeliers

Beer Sommelier Blog
Sophia Wenzel as independet full-time beer sommeliere

Brewery & Beer Journalist & German Beer Sommelier Master 2018

Restaurants with beer kitchen

Berlin Beer Academy with Beer Sommelier Trainings

Brew Pubs with Sommelier service

Beer distributor with beer sommeliers support

Craft Beer Magazines And Awards

Beer Sommelier training in a nutshell

Being part of a large association

Participating in international competitions